Interview tips to help you get a job in the food and beverage industry

The job interview is one of the key elements of the hiring process. A conversation with a candidate helps the employer understand what skills and knowledge you bring to the table.  

The interview process can include several stages, including a phone screening interview and an in-person or online chat with the hiring manager. The process may differ from one company to another.  

To prepare for your big day, we have a few tips and tricks that will help you nail your next job interview. 

Understand the position

You may be unsure about the skills you need to perform the job. Food Processing Skills Canada shares more than 18 job descriptions, and the skills needed for different positions in the industry. The following topics are discussed on the website: a detailed overview of a role, education and training needed, salaries and benefits, key responsibilities, ideal worker characteristics, typical work environments, and career paths. Also, if you are unsure about the job you want, we suggest reading through various job descriptions.

Research in advance

Before your interview, do some research on the company and position you’re applying for. recommends that you ask yourself the following questions: “What does the company do?”, “What are their values?”, “Who are their clients, products and/or services?”. The insights you gain will help you remain confident during your discussion with the hiring manager. 

Know these basic questions

You’ve done your research, but you still don’t know what questions you might be asked. The team at have put together some common questions for the following positions in the food and beverage industry: Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Project Management. We recommend preparing your questions and practicing them in advance so that you stay cool, calm and collected during the interview. 

Keep it simple during a telephone interview

Phone calls and online interviews have become a new norm. You may think that expressing a point a view or showing your skills over the phone is less effective. However, that is not always true. What matters is how well prepared you are for the interview. The team at recommend checking your technology in advance, doing research about the company, and using active listening skills. For more tips, visit

There are many opportunities available in the food and beverage industry. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily land a stable job with good pay and benefits. If you have not reached the interview stage yet, you might be interested in the resources offered by CareersNOW!. Fill out the form on the website and get access to free basic skills training, information about the industry and access to job opportunities in the food and beverage industry.