Food Processing Skills Canada is excited to launch the Student Work Placement Program+ for employers!

SWPP+ has been uniquely designed for businesses in the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry to hire students in post-secondary education for work terms and post-graduate employment.

Posting a job, hiring a college or university student, and accessing up to $7,000 in wage subsidy has never been easier.

We understand that growing your business depends on skilled individuals and new talent so we have made it straightforward for employers to connect with students across all educational categories from food science to business, engineering and quality assurance. 

Employer Funding

SWPP+ provides post-secondary students with work opportunities related to their field of study and offers them the opportunity to use their academic knowledge in the workplace.

Student engagement is achieved through work-integrated learning (WIL) placements which simply means, students join your company for a placement over one or more semesters to perform a specific job.


SWPP+ brings together employers, students and post-secondary school stakeholders to create quality work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities.

7 in 10

are facing recruitment and retention challenges.

Each employment vacancy is costing a Canadian food and beverage manufacturing businesses on average $190 per day in lost revenue. For the industry, that’s $8.5 million daily or $3.1 billion annually in revenue loss. It’s time to reverse the trend!

Mike Timani

President, Fancy Pokket

WIL makes it possible for employers and students to meet, learn and benefit from each other.

Students bring their enthusiasm and skills to the workplace while exploring career pathways; and employers facilitate student introductions to the industry while benefiting from bright minds.

Our members have hired several students over the years with great success, some returning for post-graduate employment. Connecting with young talent should be a top priority of a company’s HR strategy and also CSR — students are our next generation of leaders in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Jennefer Griffith, Executive Director, Food Processing Skills Canada