Best Job Search Advice from FoodGrads

I wanted to highlight some important posts from last year–in case you didn’t catch them the first time around–here is the right advice to support your job search in the Food & Beverage industry. Best advice from FoodGrads Read: Food Employers’ Top 3 Tips for landing your first job  Read: No Relevant Experience, No Problem! … Read more

The pandemic is changing the work day in Food & Beverage

Even before the pandemic talent attraction and retention for this industry was challenging. People have preconceived ideas about the food processing industry–hair nets, factories, draconian processes–that sort of thing! Explore Jobs at VG Meats Meanwhile, the food service/restaurant world is deemed as one that you enter while at school as a stop gap, on the path … Read more

Nuts for Cheese: A vegan food processor with a vision

Vegan from the ground up It began in a small vegan restaurant in London, Ontario five years ago. Today, Margaret Coons’ Nuts for Cheese is supplying 1,600+ Canadian stores and new US buyers with vegan cheese and butter made from fermented organic cashews. Margaret is the Founder & CEO and she is both excited and humbled by … Read more

Preparing tomorrow’s food safety experts

For Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many big and sudden changes – everyone has had to adapt quickly to new safety precautions and procedures, and many are working hard to understand the challenges and find effective, solutions as events continue to unfold. It’s been a trying time to … Read more

Don’t follow your passion: focus on developing transferrable skills!

About the author Veronica Hislop is a Master’s student in the Molecular Science program at Ryerson University. Currently, she is performing research on emulsifiers and how they affect the texture of fat stabilized emulsions. She is also a career partner with FoodGrads and the host of the FoodGrads podcast. Veronica also has work experience in the food processing … Read more