Employers receive up to $7,000 when hiring a student from Food Processing Skills Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP+).

SWPP+ is for businesses in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing  industry to support successful employment between college and university students for work-integrated learning. Our program provides free skills training and wage subsidies.  

One easy-to-use platform

connects you to post-secondary students & provides instant access so that you can monitor progress of your government wage subsidies with SWPP+.

Wage Subsidy

Receive funding of up to 70% of salary (max $7K reimbursement) to hire students for up to 16 weeks of Work Integrated Learning (WIL). Summer, Fall & Winter terms are available

Free Courses

Access industry-specific and soft skills training resources for students and employers valued at $4,000 per learner

Grow Your Team

Post your job opportunity and find a student (or hire a student you’ve already found) to add to your pool of skilled employees. WIL provides an opportunity to demonstrate the variety of careers in the food and beverage processing industry while providing meaningful work for students at your business including during peak seasons and for special projects.

Program Eligibility

We understand that growing your business depends on skilled individuals and new talent so we have made it straightforward for employers to connect with students across all educational categories from food science to business, engineering, and quality assurance.

To learn more about the required documents for application and how wage subsidies will be calculated, please review our Employer Guide.

Employer Eligibility

  • Be a registered business in Canada operating in a food related capacity.
  • Not a federal or provincial government organization.
  • Be financially capable to hire a student for a part or full-time work term, pay them consistently and provide meaningful work.
  • Hire students in food related programs that have integrated workplace learning components in the program of study, such as co-op or internships.


  • Employers can apply for funding before they finalize their selection of students to hire.
  • Students will be able to work from home.
  • Stacking with provincial tax credits is allowed.
  • Placements can be partially funded by non-federal government funds.

Applications Are Now Open


Applications Are Now Open

Funding is administered on a first-come, first-served basis and approved based on meeting the eligibility requirements of that term. Employers can be reimbursed for up to 70% of wages (max $7,000).

Free Skills Training

Employer, employee and job seeker skills training is our specialty at Food Processing Skills Canada and we are pleased to offer Canadian businesses access to free personal and professional growth learning opportunities as an extra benefit to participating in SWPP+.
We have added a suite of e-courses to assist employers and students to prepare for a successful work placement and the start of a rewarding career. This training is available at no cost. Enjoy!

Employer Courses

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Empathy at Work
  • Building Team Resilience
  • Build a Respectful Workplace
  • Coaching for Success (coming soon)

Student Courses Include But Are Not Limited To

  • Introduction to the Canadian Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry
  • Workplace and Industrial Safety
  • Distribution and Warehouse Safety
  • HACCP Fundamentals
  • Food and Spoilage Safety

Plus many more sector-specific and optional elective selections

Learn more and apply through
FPSC SWPP+ today.